VAMPYRE MAGAZINE ISSUE 12 (Anne Rice Tribute Issue)

VAMPYRE MAGAZINE ISSUE 12 (Anne Rice Tribute Issue)

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Welcome to our issue honoring the legacy and memory of late author, Anne Rice. This issue features a cover image from AMC+ Anne Rice’s Interview With The VampireAlso included is an interview with Lily Anderson, Author of BIG BAD, a newly released novel put out by Disney with a twist on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. Featured Musician interviews with Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost), Ryan Shuck (Adema, Julien K, Orgy) & Tarja Turunen (Nightwish) There's also ane Anne Rice New Orleans Guide, for any curious creatures of the night who'd like to see all of the relevant locations to her life and novels while attending The Endless Night Vampire Ball in New Orleans on October 29th. Sponsored by AMC+ and themed around AMC+ Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire.

This PREMIUM QUALITY FINE ART MAGAZINE contains 72 PAGES full of content and beautiful imagery.  

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Sam Reid as Lestat & Jacob Anderson as Louis in Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Cover design by Chad Savage



Editor in Chief: Rachel Clinesmith

Publisher: Father Sebastiaan

Proofread & edited by Logan Boese

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